Our Vision

Creating Opportunities for Every Pennsylvanian to Experience and Benefit from Organizations Providing Public Horticulture Experiences throughout their Communities. 

The Pennsylvania Public Horticulture Coalition (PPHC) is a diverse collective of organizations whose mission is to amplify the collective voices and impact of Pennsylvania’s public horticulture organizations who promote the connection between plants and people, by way of advocacy and visibility to our state government officials.

This dynamic industry provides far reaching benefits across the Commonwealth, including tourism & recreation, health & wellbeing, open green space & conservation, agriculture & food, workforce & economic development, and education/research & science.


Public Gardens

What is a Public Garden?

A public garden is an institution that is open to the public and that maintains collections of plants for public education and enjoyment, in addition to research, conservation, and higher learning.

Public gardens are staffed by trained professionals and maintain active plant records systems. Entities include botanical gardens, arboreta, cemeteries, zoological gardens, sculpture gardens, college and university campuses, historic homes, urban greening organizations, natural areas, and city/county/state/federal parks.


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